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Bulk Diesel

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Bulk Diesel

Welcome to our new site. New everything in fact. There is no time to flesh this site out into a fancy corporate site, we just work too hard for marketing. We have very good people in a close friends network, the kind where trust means more than anything, the one thing you cant buy.

Our policy is simple, we do simple reliable clean business, no deception or B.S. Our focus is to build long term relationships and helping all of those people who have helped us along the way. In fact, all of us helping each other succeed. We have waded endlessly through a mass of dross to finally develop relationships with some good people who know far more than we ever will.

We partner well. Our sales partners only trust to work with us because we do not waste their time with people on fishing expeditions. We also learned the hard way. Unless we engage directly with the BUYER and VET said buyer well, there is no way we will even ask our partner network for stock availability and pricing.

Simple. We take care of introducing parties and intermediaries very well, reward people for trust, reliability and ongoing business opportunities, for helping unlock potential value.

Solid sellers always want solid buyers. Solid buyers NEED solid sellers. We work to fill this space and bring such parties together. No exceptions.

Very happy to walk away from opportunities, even very real ones, if we don’t feel comfortable with parties involved and want a long term relationship. No money is worth getting into bed with snakes.

Well that’s all folks. Simple, basic, easy. Open cards, good business only.